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CSC221 – Data Structures
CSC790 – Research Topics in Digital Sound and Music

The Science of Digital Media

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Jennifer Burg • Professor of Computer Science at Wake Forest University

Jennifer Burg is a Professor of Computer Science at Wake Forest University. Having received Master’s degrees in English and French at the University of Florida, she returned to school after eight years of teaching to re-educate herself in computer science.  She received her PhD in computer science from the University of Central Florida in 1991. Her research is in the areas of digital media and curriculum development for interdisciplinary courses.

Her textbook, The Science of Digital Media, published in 2009 by Pearson/Prentice-Hall, covers digital imaging, audio, video, and multimedia programming. Her second book, Digital Sound and Music: Concepts, Applications, and Science, co-authored by Jason Romney and Eric Schwartz, was published by Franklin Beedle in 2017. Burg is director of the Wake Forest University Computer Science Department’s STEM Incubator Program, engaging entry-level students in computational thinking, technology, and integrated interdisciplinary learning through relevant hands-on projects, often associated with the visual arts and music.